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Wastewater treatment

Proprietary technologies for high-capacity wastewater treatment at minimal cost

From diluted sewage to complex wastewater

We are pioneers in wastewater treatment, with an enviable track record of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment references. Our range of anaerobic, aerobic and membrane-based technologies will treat any wastewater flow or type: from diluted municipal wastewater over high-strength distillery wastewater to complex wastewater in the textile or chemical industry.

Mastering the complete treatment process

Our anaerobic and aerobic technologies will help you comply with stringent discharge regulations.

But instead of discharging, why not recovering a valuable resource? Implementing MBR technology in your wastewater treatment produces a quality wastewater ready for further treatment into process, or even drinking water, reducing tap-water dependency.

From greenfield designs to retrofitting existing plants, we look for smart solutions for every single step in the wastewater treatment technology train.

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