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LUCAS® Membrane Bio Reactor

Improving organic and suspended solids removal

Boosting organics and suspended solids removal using membranes

Connecting membrane filtration to the LUCAS® biological activated sludge system, makes it possible to process significantly high sludge concentrations and lower reactor volumes.

With the LUCAS® Submerged MBR, the membranes are located in the basin, while with the LUCAS® Crossflow MBR, the membranes are placed next to the basin involving continuous crossflow circulation along the membranes. Both micro or ultra-filtration membranes can be used.

LUCAS® Submerged MBR

LUCAS® Submerged MBR is our Membrane Bio Reactor technology designed for the treatment of larger wastewater flows or wastewater not requiring harsh and frequent cleanings of the membranes. LUCAS® Submerged MBR produces an effluent that is extremely pure and appropriate for immediate reuse.

In a LUCAS® Submerged MBR, reinforced hollow fibre membranes are submerged in the bioreactor for the separation of sludge and biologically purified wastewater. The membranes in the bioreactor are kept clean by means of an efficient coarse bubble aeration which ensures a good sludge management in the membrane module and guarantees turbulent conditions at the membrane surface.


  • Low in energy consumption
  • Very compact installation (size reduction factor 3).
  • Perfect solution to increase the capacity of existing wastewater treatment plants

LUCAS® Crossflow MBR

The LUCAS® crossflow MBR is our Membrane Bio Reactor technology designed for smaller flows of difficult wastewater.

In a LUCAS® MBR tubular membranes are placed in an external loop of the bioreactor. The sludge/purified water mixture is passed at high speed along the surface of the membrane in order to maintain turbulent conditions at the membrane surface. The water will pass through the membranes while the suspended solids are retained and recycled to the bioreactor.

Due to high-speed re-circulation these membranes have very low fouling characteristics and are therefore especially used in rather difficult wastewater applications such as laundry and leachate wastewater treatment.

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