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Energy from wastewater

Unfolding the energy potential of wastewater and municipal sludge reducing grid dependency.

Energy recovery from organic pollution and sludge

We transform the challenge of wastewater into an opportunity for sustainable energy creation. Our state-of-the-art energy recovery solutions harness the untapped potential of organic pollution and sludge, converting them into valuable biogas. This innovative approach not only supports the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and dependence on fossil fuels but also offers a cost-effective way to power your operations.

How does wastewater become energy?

Wastewater is converted into biogas, a clean, renewable energy source, through an eco-friendly and efficient process. Our technology harnesses the power of anaerobic digestion, where microorganisms break down organic matter in the absence of oxygen, producing methane-rich biogas.

This biogas is then captured, purified, and converted into electricity, heat, or biomethane, offering a versatile energy solution for industries and municipalities. Embrace sustainability, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and achieve energy self-sufficiency with our innovative wastewater-to-energy systems.

Energy recovery from organic pollution and sludge

We are experts in recovering energy from the organic compounds in wastewater, organic waste, and municipal sludge.

In the food and beverage industry, we are the undisputed leader helping production sites to significantly cut down on the energy bill.

In the potato processing industry for instance, up to 60% of a potato processing plant's electricity needs is recovered from anaerobic digestion of wastewater and potato waste.

Biogas balloon
Biogas balloon

Recovering energy from wastewater

Diverse energy recovering systems are used to harness energy from wastewater, a cornerstone of sustainable environmental management. Our expertise lies in transforming wastewater into a valuable resource, not only safeguarding our precious water but also tapping into its latent energy potential.

Discover the various cutting-edge technologies and processes we employ to recover energy from wastewater, spotlighting the seamless blend of sustainability and efficiency that characterizes our solutions.

Energy from wastewater: BIOTIM® anaerobic reactor

The BIOTIM® anaerobic reactor portfolio includes solutions for treating wastewater with different ranges of organic load or dry matter content.

Where space is scarce, the BIOTIM® high-rate anaerobic tower combines high removal of organic load and high biogas yield with limited footprint.

For high-yield biogas with high-quality effluent recovery, the BIOTIM® anaerobic tower is a compact solution helping in limiting the energy and carbon footprint.

BIOTIM® reactor range

wastewater treatment facility in Fez
wastewater treatment facility in Fez

Energy from sludge: BIOTIM® Solids

Our BIOTIM® Solids sludge digester provides biogas while significantly reducing sludge volume. In the BIOTIM® Solids sludge digester, sludge is digested under mesophilic conditions. The recovered methane needs treatment before fueling the combined heat and power generation units.

Anaerobic treatment with a BIOTIM scrubber
Anaerobic treatment with a BIOTIM scrubber

Biogas desulphurization: BIOTIM® Scrubber

Biogas desulphurization is necessary to increase life duration of combustion engines. The BIOTIM® Scrubber uses activated sludge from biological wastewater treatment as a washing medium, omitting chemicals reducing costs for both water and chemicals.

Want to recover energy form organic compounds in wastewater?

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Waterleau's energy recovery facilities and cases

A capex-free upgrade for Martens Brewery

A capex-free upgrade for Martens Brewery

A new treatment strategy materialized in an out-of-the-box approach and a long-term partnership.

Sustainable Brewing in Colombia: How Waterleau's BIOTIM® UASB Transforms Central Cervecera

CCC, Central Cervecera de Colombia
Sustainable Brewing in Colombia: How Waterleau's BIOTIM® UASB Transforms Central Cervecera

The CCC Brewery treats different wastewater & waste streams before safe discharge to the open water bodies.

Sustainable sugar refining near Paris, France

Sustainable sugar refining near Paris, France
In September 2023, Waterleau Group embarked on an innovative journey in Nangis, France, addressing a…

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