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Sustainable Brewing in Colombia: How Waterleau's BIOTIM® UASB Transforms Central Cervecera

CCC, Central Cervecera de Colombia

Sesquilé, Colombia


Treated wastewater: 2.400 m³/day

Central Cervecera de Colombia (CCC), an ambitious joint venture between Compania Cervecerias Unidas (CCU) and Postobón, stands as a beacon of brewing excellence in Colombia. Responsible for producing internationally acclaimed brands like Heineken, Amstel, and Coors Light, CCC needed a wastewater treatment solution that met rigorous discharge regulations while maintaining a commitment to sustainability. That's where Waterleau's BIOTIM® UASB technology steps in, offering a smart, tailored solution that safeguards our most valuable resource: water.

The Challenge: Diverse Wastewater Streams

CCC's state-of-the-art brewery in Sesquilé, near Colombia’s capital Bogotá, faced a unique challenge—how to treat a variety of wastewater streams while adhering to stringent environmental regulations. The brewery's operations generated different types of wastewater, including autolyzed yeast and sanitary waste, all requiring specialized treatment solutions.

Waterleau's Tailored Solution: BIOTIM® UASB

In response to this multifaceted challenge, Waterleau deployed its BIOTIM® UASB (Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket) technology, specifically engineered to treat process wastewater. The anaerobic treatment not only cleans the water but also generates valuable biogas, contributing to energy recovery and reducing CCC’s carbon footprint.

Integrating a Comprehensive Treatment Train

Waterleau didn’t just stop at process wastewater; we offered an integrated solution that also covered:

  • BIOTIM® WET AD: For autolyzed yeast digestion
  • LUCAS® Aerobic with Bio-P removal: To further clean the water
  • AQUALITY® Ultrafiltration: For precise water filtration
  • BELGAS® H2S Removal: For biogas purification

This integrated treatment train has set a new standard in treating diverse wastewater streams, offering a smart solution for complex challenges.

Key Benefits: Beyond Compliance

The BIOTIM® UASB technology offers CCC multiple benefits:

  • Enhanced Biogas Production: Maximizing energy recovery
  • Reduced Environmental Footprint: Achieving full compliance with local discharge regulations
  • Operational Efficiency: Minimizing energy and water consumption
  • Training and Continuous Support

To ensure the treatment plant operates at peak efficiency, Waterleau provides ongoing support and training, collaborating with its Colombian partners for more than a year post-implementation.

Central Cervecera de Colombia can now focus on what it does best: brewing excellent beers. Thanks to Waterleau's BIOTIM® UASB technology, CCC not only meets but exceeds environmental regulations, underlining our commitment to protect our most vital natural resource—water. Because every drop counts.

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