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LUCAS® aerobic wastewater treatment

Smart solutions and advanced technologies for pollution degradation

Activated sludge-based pollution removal

We have successfully implemented biological processes using oxygen to break down the organic contaminants and other pollutants like nitrogen and phosphorus almost everywhere.

From sewage treatment plants treating wastewater of millions of people, to aerobic post-treatment of brewery bio-effluent, our activated sludge-based LUCAS® aerobic solution will help you meet discharge regulations, reducing discharge costs as well as the environmental footprint of your activities.

LUCAS® cyclic activated sludge

The LUCAS® Cyclic Activated Sludge is an ultra-compact and intelligent solution for the treatment of industrial and municipal wastewater. It combines the advantages of conventional technology and the SBR (Sequencing Batch Reactor) technology.

The modular system of the LUCAS® technology offers a high-performance, low-cost and compact solution for the treatment of every type of wastewater, organic concentration and nutrient load, even with strong variations in water flow.

In its most typical design, the LUCAS® Cyclic Activated Sludge consists of 3 hydraulically interconnected tanks with common walls and identical configuration. Each tank alternates one of the 3 processes of biological wastewater treatment: accumulation, regeneration and sedimentation.

The optimal alternation of the 3 processes in each of the tanks depends on the wastewater characteristics during each phase and is controlled by our control & monitoring system, ensuring maximum efficiency and limiting operational costs.


LUCAS® TS is an advanced LUCAS® Cyclic Activated Sludge system designed to increase effluent withdrawal and sludge settling by introducing inclined tube settlers and pressure-controlled decanting weirs.

Lightweight and easy to install modules of corrugated sheets are submerged into the decanting compartments.

The combination of the LUCAS® Cyclic Activated Sludge with the tube settling solution makes the LUCAS® TS solution the most advanced and most economic solution for treating high volumes of municipal wastewater available today.

Advantages LUCAS® TS tube settlers

  • Increased settling area without increasing footprint
  • Reduced tank dimension and civil cost
  • Reduced coagulant dosage
  • Low maintenance

LUCAS® Carrousel

The LUCAS® Carrousel wastewater treatment technology is our conventional and proven-concept aerobic wastewater treatment system.

Whereas in the LUCAS® Cyclic Activated Sludge systems, the 3 processes of biological treatment alternate in each of 3 hydraulically interconnected compartments, in the LUCAS® Carrousel system, the activated sludge reactor tank combines accumulation and regeneration, while settling takes place in a dedicated and separated clarifier or sedimentation tank.

The bioreactor design allows nitrification-denitrification and removal of phosphorus in one single reactor. After treatment, the purified water is separated from the activated sludge in a clarification step.

LUCAS® Extended Aeration

The LUCAS® Extended Aeration is our biological treatment design in case no activated sludge from secondary treatment is fed to the sludge from primary treatment.

With a higher concentration of inert solids, longer mixing time is required for the removal of bio-degradable organic waste. Mixing must be provided by aeration or mechanical means in order to sustain the biological process.

With the longer detention time, high removal efficiency can be achieved.

More about our LUCAS® TS aerobic wastewater treatment?

Are you looking for an advanced aerobic municipal wastewater treatment solution? Our aerobic LUCAS® TS technology may be the answer you've been searching for.

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