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Chemicals & cosmetics

Sustainable use of natural resources in the chemical industry.

Recovering resources while removing contaminants.

Every pharmaceutical and chemical process also creates its unique mix of by-products, effluents and gaseous streams. Our portfolio of proprietary technologies reduces the water, carbon and energy footprint by recovering resources and removing contaminants from effluents.

Our state-of-the-art test facility allows proof of concept testing for highly variable and complex wastewater resulting in a proven solution with performance guarantee.

Apart from water production and wastewater recovery, we provide water recycling as an option to the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and refined chemicals industry, strongly reducing the water footprint.

By doing so, we help our customers protecting product quality, driving down operating costs, and improving regulatory compliance.

Circular economy

Our LUCAS® MBR direct membrane filtration with ceramic membranes ensures simultaneous water recycle and product recovery for the chemical and cosmetics industry. The recovered substances reduce procurement costs and contributes to a circular economy.

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