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We are Waterleau

We are experts in closing the water loop. From wastewater treatment to water recovery. From plant design to process automation. We unfold every resource from every water drop: pure water, energy and nutrients.

Passionate about water

We are strong believers of sustainable development. We are committed to protect our most precious natural resource: water. We help municipalities in managing sewage water treatment and production facilities limit their water, energy and carbon footprint.

We care about water: we demonstrate our impact by

  • Treating pollution in sewage water and wastewater
  • Producing customized water for the industry
  • Offering safe potable water in water-deprived regions
  • Re-using treated wastewater
  • Recovering biogas and nutrients from wastewater
  • Treating sludge in an eco-friendly way

Our company values

We are 600 water experts operating in all continents. Our Belgian origin is encrusted in our company culture. Hard-working, looking for smart solutions, no-nonsense and getting the job done. This is what we're praised for. This is what makes us different.

  • Smart solutions
  • Reliable
  • Flexible
  • No-nonsense
membrane filtration
membrane filtration

We value our people

We strongly believe in empowering people by respecting and appreciating what makes them different in terms of age, gender, disability, ethnicity, religion or belief.

Equality, diversity and inclusion are the cornerstones of the Waterleau corporate philosophy.

  • Equality: We make sure no individual is treated less favorably and disadvantaged get the tools to access the same, fair opportunities as their peers.
  • Diversity: We recognize and respect each other's differences. We believe diversity fosters a culture of creativity and innovation.
  • Inclusion: we create an environment where everyone feels welcome and valued.

Comitted to sustainabilty and ESG.

Sustainability is in our DNA. We are committed to complying with environmental, social, and governance regulations and promoting sustainable development.


  • Our solutions are designed to minimize environmental impacts and promote water conservation, reducing pollution and supporting sustainable water management.
  • Our operations and solutions are subject to environmental regulations and standards, such as the European Union's Water Framework Directive and Industrial Emissions Directive.


  • We are committed to promoting social responsibility and ethical practices in our operations.We support human rights, fair labor practices, and the elimination of discrimination and harassment.
  • We provide training and education to our employees and stakeholders on sustainable practices and the importance of protecting water.


  • We have a strong governance structure that promotes accountability, transparency, and ethical behavior. Our Code of Conduct guides our employees' behavior and decision-making.

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Group Machiels
Group Machiels

Group Machiels: pioneer in sustainability

Waterleau is proud to be part of Group Machiels, a global operator in renewable energy, environmental services as well as residential and industrial real estate. Founded in 1941 as a construction company, the family-owned company has positioned itself as an innovative player in green energy generation, sustainable waste disposal and water treatment.

Continuously investing in environmental technologies, Group Machiels has established a strong reputation as a preserver of our natural resources.

Learn more on Group Machiels :

Working at WATERLEAU

Do you care about water too? Do you want to make a difference in water protection? We would love to hear from you. Your talents can help us stay at the forefront of environmental protection.

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