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LUCAS® TS : Compact, high yield & low energy wastewater treatment

High capacity wastewater treatment and reduced total cost of ownership

In search of increased efficiency, municipalities want to remove more nutrients and pollution, limit the plant carbon footprint as well as cut down total cost of ownership.

To limit capex, many municipalities turn to Public Private Partnerships for financing the project while for limiting opex, technologies are considered capable of treating high-flows of wastewater with limited energy, chemical and labor cost.

The Waterleau LUCAS® TS is an advanced LUCAS® activated sludge solution, combining high capacity wastewater treatment with reduced total cost of ownership

Advanced cyclic activated sludge technology

Our LUCAS® cyclic activated sludge technology combines the advantages of conventional wastewater treatment technology with the fill-and-draw Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) technology.

While conventional wastewater treatment makes use of separate activated sludge reactors and sedimentation tanks allowing a continuous process flow, the fill-and-draw SBR technology allows alternating the different phases into a single tank or compartment, reducing significantly plot size, civil costs and energy needs, but the major advantage for operators is the system’s ease of operations.

The compactness of the LUCAS® TS sewage treatment solution is due to the combination of the proven LUCAS® cyclic activated treatment technology and the use of tube settlers during the clarification step.

Efficient solids removal

Conventional clarification requires a large footprint in order to match the solids removal capacity of an inclined plate clarifier.

Within the novel LUCAS® TS system, the outer compartments with settling function are equipped with light-weight and easy to install modules of corrugated sheets forming tubes of the LUCAS® TS lane. The tube settlers improve the formation of a dense sludge bed.

When treated effluent is discharged from the settling compartment, the tube settlers efficiently retain and select for well-settling solids.

Covered effluent gutters, evenly spread over the surface of the settling compartment enable to recover the treated effluent. Controlling the air pressure in the overflow channels prevents mixed liquor entering the gutters during the mixing or aeration.

Advantages LUCAS® TS

  • High yield: only 72% of biological volume compared to conventional
  • Smaller plot size: only 53% of footprint compared to conventional
  • Reduced capex: lower civil cost outweighs difference in higher electro-mechanical cost.
  • Reduced opex: only 53% of conventional energy needs.

The Taif independent sewage treatment plant

The advanced LUCAS®TS aerobic biological treatment process has been implemented with success in the Taif independent sewage treatment plant, located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Operated since 2023, the plant turns 100,000 m³ of sewage into irrigation water.

The same technology is also implemented as the core biological treatment step in the Buraydah, Medinah and Tabuk independent municipal wastewater treatment plants, all under construction in 2023, and with a total capacity of treating 700,000 m³/day, returning the equivalent of 280 olympic swimming pools for irrigation reuse.

Read the TAIF sewage treatment case

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Are you looking for an high yield, compact and reduced cost wastewater treatment solution? Our aerobic LUCAS® TS technology may be the answer you've been searching for.

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