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Advanced LUCAS® TS for treating Taif ISTP wastewater


Taif, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Treated wastewater: 100,000 m³/day

Organic load: 32,000 kg COD/d

Treating 700,000 metric cubes of wastewater each day

The Waterleau proprietary LUCAS® TS aerobic technology is the core of the wastewater treatment process in the Taif Independent Sewage Treatment Plant, located 70 kilometers southeast of Mecca in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

As from early 2023, the Taif Independent Sewage Treatment Plant (ISTP) is treating the domestic wastewater of 650,000 inhabitants in one of the most densely populated parts of the Taif Governorate.

The plant, with a treatment capacity of 100,000 cubic meters per day, recovers treated water for agricultural and industrial purposes. In a later expansion phase, the plant will produce 270,000 cubic meters, or the equivalent of 110 Olympic swimming pools of clean and safe irrigation water. This large-scale project is part of the country’s 2030 National Water Strategy to protect natural water resources and provide a cost-effective sewage treatment and accessible water supply.

The Saudi Water Partnership Company (SWPC) awarded the Taif ISTP BOOT project to a consortium comprising Cobra Instalaciones y Servicios S.A., and International Water Distribution Co. Ltd. (TAWZEA).

In 2023, the construction of 3 new ISTP for the Saudi Water Partnership has started in Buraydah, Madinah and Tabuk.

Each day, the 4 treatment plants will eventually turn 700.000m³ of wastewater into safe irrigation water, making use of the LUCAS® TS aerobic activated sludge technology.

The Waterleau expertise will empower TAWZEA to become a leading water and wastewater infrastructure provider in Saudi Arabia

TAWZEA's CEO Mohammed Halawani

A waterleau LUCAS® TS Tech pack for the core treatment process

The Waterleau advanced LUCAS® TS cyclic activated sludge technology is put forward as a compact, high capacity and low energy biological treatment.

Recent innovations in settler design and smart process control have increased settling capacity while offering the most economical solution in terms of total cost of ownership, compared to similar capacity conventional plants.

The benefits are distinct in cost-efficient construction, reliable operation and low operational expenditures.

Our 'smart tech pack' approach allows us to concentrate on where we excel: innovation and process expertise.

Technology Director at Waterleau Stijn Wyffels

Technology train

The LUCAS®TS technology is the cornerstone of the sewage treatment design. Taif ISTP includes the following process steps:

  • Fine-screening and fat/grease removal
  • Primary settling and peak-flow equalization
  • Secondary treatment with LUCAS®TS technology
  • Tertiary filtration and chlorination
  • Sludge thickening, anaerobic sludge digestion, sludge de-watering and sludge drying
  • Heat and power production from biogas

With a low combined CAPEX/OPEX footprint compared to conventional activated sludge systems, sequencing batch reactor systems, or bio-carrier based designs, The LUCAS® TS biological treatment is the most sustainable solution for the treatment of large flows of municipal wastewater.

As a consequence, LUCAS® TS fits seamless into a vision of reclaiming treated wastewater for reuse in agriculture, as sanitation water or even for replenishment of aquifers.

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Are you looking for an advanced aerobic wastewater treatment solution? Our aerobic LUCAS® technology may be the answer you've been searching for.

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