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Drinking water for Abha Dam

Abha, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Abha is the capital of the Asir province in Saudi Arabia counting 250.000 inhabitants. In this popular summer destination, drinking water capacity needs to be adapted to match tourism demands.

A low-footprint drinking water plant

In the Asir Mountains nearby, there are several dams permanently holding water. Abha has its own dam within acting as the source for the drinking water production.

At the Abha Dam lake, Waterleau has built an AQUALITY® low-footprint drinking water plant providing 20,000 m³/day, situated near the city center. The plant is completely covered and ensures zero nuisance for its environment. Due to its architectural design, it blends harmoniously with the neighborhood.

Waterleau has built more drinking water treatment plants in Africa

  • Thiskapa (DRC)
  • Goma (DRC)
  • Khemisset (Morocco)
  • Madinaty (Egypt)

Other cases

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A capex-free upgrade for Martens Brewery

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Turning salt groundwater into sustainable drinking water

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