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Training and Audits

Let us improve skills and knowledge of your people, make sure your plant is operated according to best available practices. We come on site and assess the plant condition to ensure it runs as per design.

Improving operator competences for optimal process performance

How to make sure your water and wastewater treatment infrastructure meets KPI's? Do your human resources have the appropriate competences to manage the complex biological processes? Do operators fully understand the SCADA system? And what about staff turnover and the loss of expertise?

Making your operators smarter

We provide thorough training with every greenfield or brownfield water and wastewater treatment.

Next to start-up trainings covering all aspects of your treatment facility, we offer tailor-made trainings whenever we feel specific competences need to be updated or new insights need to be shared. We can organize assessments before or after trainings, just to make sure the information has been processed correctly or training programs need to be adapted.

On-site training

Where possible, the trainings are organized in-class while auditing your water treatment infrastructure. The face-to-face interaction allows our instructor (Operations engineer) to feel how knowledge transfer has been processed, to discuss raised questions and to organize practical trainings as a more efficient way to improve practical skills.

Find your local contact

Our expertise is always within reach. Digital communication has cut long distances short, but we advocate the traditional way of sharing insights.

Contact us today. We are looking forward to help you reach your sustainable development goals.