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Lab and Pilot Testing

Validating processes in a controlled and small scale set-up

State-of-the-art test center and pilot hall

The difference between thinking and knowing is testing. Our Waterleau Team can provide Lab and Pilot testing to examine whether or not the current water or wastewater treatment installation fits with the actual wastewater characteristics and flow.

For new projects, wastewater sample testing is recommended to design the most performant treatment process and plant configuration.

Pilot configurations for all aplications

Our pilot hall contains a complete range of reactors and pilots allowing anaerobic and aerobic process optimization before full scale implementation. Treatment processes can be simulated in controlled and small scale set-ups. Wastewater samples are shipped from clients plants or simulated in-house mirroring the on-site wastewater characteristics and treatment requirements.

Biological Lab Pilots

  • Biobox activated sludge
  • LUCAS® cyclic activated sludge
  • BIOTIM® Anaerobic Tower
  • BIOTIM® Anaerobic MBR

Physico-chemical Lab Pilots

  • KROFTA® DAF liquid-solid separation
  • X-TRACTOR® Ceramic UF

Waterleau Mobile Pilots

Our Waterleau fleet of mobile pilot is particularly adapted for responding to situations requiring fast intervention as well as for on-site R&D or demonstration purposes. Our skidded or containerized solutions can be shipped in a fortnight. Our Waterleau engineers will assist in the pilot start up as well as train the plants technical staff to operate the pilot and monitor the KPI’s.

  • MBR
  • UF/RO
  • Krofta DAF
  • Physical-chemical treatment
  • Lamella settling

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