Protecting the blue planet

Waterleau is a global and leading water Technology Company committed to protect the eco-system. We provide solutions for water, wastewater and the treatment of its by-products helping municipalities and businesses reach their sustainable development goals.

A globally recognized leader in the design and construction of water and wastewater treatment infrastructure, our solutions are designed for managing the complete water cycle: from process water and drinking water production, over wastewater treatment and discharge compliance to energy, water and nutrient recovery.

In the food and beverage industry, we are a preferred partner for the anaerobic treatment of organic wastewater, providing solutions directly impacting the water and energy footprint. In our state of the art lab and pilot testing facilities, we design small-scale treatment pilots for complex industrial wastewater, resulting in a tailor made and proof of concept solution for each customer.

We have expanded our design and build services portfolio to operation and maintenance. This enables customers to focus on their core business while we focus on compliance and OPEX control. When operating owned or co-owned plants, our digital asset management tools ensure optimized operation. Our digital dashboard keeps customers updated on treatment KPI’s, offering managers total peace of mind.

We’ve acquired considerable expertise in municipal wastewater treatment and plant operation too. We are a market leader in Morocco and Macau where we have built amongst the largest wastewater treatment plants of the region. These plants include sustainable solutions for treating by-products as well as recovering nutrients. We are operating these facilities, and are training local graduates into environmental specialists.

We are committed to protect the blue planet and embrace the circular economy. In our holistic approach to zero waste, we redefine wastewater into a mixture of water, energy and nutrients. In our daily business, we think beyond compliance or kWh: when shaping innovative solutions for a greener future, we connect people, planet and profit in a sustainable business model.

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