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Front-end Developer

Waterleau is a global and leading water Technology Company committed to protect the eco-system. As a growing company, Waterleau is always looking for enthusiastic professionals who, want to work in an environment full of revolutionary technology.

For our Waterleau Digital Solutions (WDS) Team we are looking for a Front-end Developer

Waterleau Digital Solutions (WDS) is an entity responsible for building, implementing and guarding the Waterleau digital strategic vision.

Short and clear communication lines to the executive management and an overview of the processes are the keys for driving the strategic digital program and ensuring a good governance and transformation.

WDS develop digital products and solutions for internal clients (e.g. D&B, Services) according to the defined and identified needs, in line with the global Waterleau strategy.

WDS works in collaboration with multiples internal and external divisions, to ensure processes streamlining internally, and fruitful collaborative ecosystems externally.

Skills Required

  • 3+ Years of Frontend Development Experience, preferably Angular: Demonstrated expertise in building complex web applications. Must have a deep understanding of Modern Frontend core principles, patterns, and best practices.
  • Experience with Micro Frontends Architecture: Proven experience in designing, developing, and integrating Micro Frontends. Familiarity with techniques and frameworks for composing a cohesive frontend from independently deployable, semi-independent sub-frontends.
  • Proficiency in TypeScript: Strong proficiency in TypeScript, understanding its advantages for scalable application development and ensuring type safety across the Angular application.
  • Advanced CSS and Preprocessing: Expertise in CSS, Sass or LESS, and responsive web design to create applications that are both aesthetically pleasing and functionally robust across devices.
  • Understanding of RESTful Services and APIs: Ability to integrate Angular applications with backend services via RESTful APIs, understanding of asynchronous request handling, partial page updates. Experience with GraphQL is a plus.
  • Unit and End-to-End Testing: Proficiency in testing frameworks (e.g., Cypress, Jest, Protractor) for writing and maintaining unit and end-to-end tests, ensuring application reliability and performance.
  • Version Control with Git: Experience with Git for version control, including branching, merging, and pull requests, to collaborate effectively in a team environment.
  • Experience with Modern JavaScript/ES6+: Strong understanding of modern JavaScript features and asynchronous programming models.
  • Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD): Familiarity with CI/CD pipelines for Angular applications, using tools like Jenkins, CircleCI, or GitLab CI.


  • Frontend Application Development: Develop high-quality, performant, and scalable Frontend applications, adhering to best practices in coding standards and design patterns.
  • Micro Frontends Implementation: Design and implement Micro Frontends architecture, ensuring seamless integration and cohesiveness of the frontend ecosystem.
  • Collaborative Design and Development: Work closely with UI/UX designers, backend developers, and product managers to create cohesive and integrated solutions, from concept through to deployment
  • API Integration: Integrate Angular applications with backend services, ensuring smooth data exchange and functionality.
  • Performance Optimisation: Optimize application for maximum speed and scalability.
  • Testing and Quality Assurance: Write and maintain unit and end-to-end tests, contributing to a culture of quality and reliability.
  • Documentation: Create and maintain detailed documentation for developed applications, ensuring ease of maintenance and scalability.
  • Continuous Learning and Improvement: Stay on top of new Angular features and frontend technologies, continuously improving the application and the development process.
  • Mentoring: Provide guidance and mentorship to junior developers, promoting best practices and fostering a collaborative team environment.
  • Collaboration and Communication: Work closely with cross-functional teams, including engineering, IT, services, and automation, to ensure cohesive project execution and alignment with business objectives.

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