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About the job

Waterleau is a global leader in water technology, committed to protecting ecosystems and pioneering sustainable solutions for emerging environmental challenges. With PFAS contamination recognized as a significant threat to water quality worldwide, Waterleau is at the forefront of developing innovative treatment solutions to address this crisis. We seek a visionary Growth Leader in PFAS Treatment to spearhead our efforts, driving the commercialization of our groundbreaking technologies and solidifying our position as industry leaders.

Role and Responsibilities

As the Growth Leader for PFAS Treatment, you will:

  • Market Analysis: Harness in-depth knowledge of the PFAS treatment sector to identify market needs and opportunities, particularly focusing on the innovative solutions emerging from our Waterleau Laboratory.
  • Client Engagement: Actively engage with potential clients, demonstrating how our PFAS treatment solutions can meet their needs, driving sales and fostering long-term partnerships.
  • Product Management and Innovation: Serve as a crucial link between our R&D efforts and the marketplace, ensuring our PFAS treatment innovations are rapidly commercialized and aligned with market demand.
  • Technical Collaboration: Work closely with the R&D and proposal teams to craft the best technical solutions, reflecting the latest advancements in PFAS treatment.
  • Outreach and Education: Lead initiatives to educate the market on PFAS issues and Waterleau's solutions through presentations, webinars, and innovative marketing campaigns.
  • Strategic Planning: Collaborate with senior business development leaders to shape long-term strategies that align with market needs and Waterleau's mission to combat PFAS pollution.

As a Growth Leader at Waterleau

  • You're a part of a dynamic team across sales, R&D, marketing, and service departments, driving the development and commercialization of PFAS treatment solutions.
  • Your technical expertise and market insights are crucial in developing tailored solutions for our clients.
  • You will create and lead impactful marketing campaigns and technical presentations, inspiring action towards a PFAS-free environment.
  • You thrive in an entrepreneurial environment, eager to explore new technologies and approaches to address the challenges of PFAS contamination.

Your background

  • Bachelor's or Master's degree in Environmental Engineering, Business Management, or a related field.
  • Strong communication skills to articulate technical solutions and inspire diverse audiences.Excellent communication skills to effectively translate technical concepts into understandable language for diverse audiences.
  • Proven ability to collaborate across functions to bring innovative products to market.Proactive approach to gaining market knowledge through attending events, workshops, and webinars.
  • A strategic thinker passionate about sustainable growth and tackling new challenges head-on.

What we offer you

  • A competitive salary package with great benefits
  • A hybrid way of working: balancing office collaboration and home office focus.
  • A role at the forefront of the fight against PFAS pollution, offering diverse challenges and growth opportunities.
  • A chance to make a significant, positive impact on the environment and public health.


This position is based in the Benelux region, with opportunities for remote work and travel as needed.

Join Us

If you're passionate about developing and selling sustainable solutions to tackle PFAS pollution and contribute to a healthier planet, we want you on our team. Apply now to become a key player in Waterleau's mission against PFAS contamination.
To apply, please submit your resume and a cover letter detailing your experience and motivation for the role to [email address]. We look forward to discussing how you can contribute to our mission.
Together, we can lead the way to a PFAS-free future!

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