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Ignition Developer

Waterleau is a global and leading water Technology Company committed to protect the eco-system. As a growing company, Waterleau is always looking for enthusiastic professionals who, want to work in an environment full of revolutionary technology.

For our Waterleau Digital Solutions (WDS) Team we are looking for a Ignition Developer

Waterleau Digital Solutions (WDS) is an entity responsible for building, implementing and guarding the Waterleau digital strategic vision.

Short and clear communication lines to the executive management and an overview of the processes are the keys for driving the strategic digital program and ensuring a good governance and transformation.

WDS develop digital products and solutions for internal clients (e.g. D&B, Services) according to the defined and identified needs, in line with the global Waterleau strategy.

WDS works in collaboration with multiples internal and external divisions, to ensure processes streamlining internally, and fruitful collaborative ecosystems externally.

Skills Required

  • 2+ Years of Ignition Development Experience: Proven expertise in developing and implementing solutions using the Ignition platform, including experience with custom Ignition Module Development, and with Ignition SCADA system design, development, and deployment.
  • Proficiency in Ignition Scripting and Configuration: Demonstrated ability in scripting (Python preferred) within the Ignition environment to create custom modules, scripts, and automation tasks.
  • Experience with Ignition Perspective Module: Strong capability in utilizing the Ignition Perspective module for creating responsive industrial applications.
  • Understanding of Industrial Automation and PLCs: Knowledge of industrial automation principles and familiarity with PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) and their integration with Ignition.
  • Database Management Skills: Proficiency in SQL and experience with database design, development, and integration with Ignition for data-driven applications.
  • Networking and Security Fundamentals: Understanding of network configurations, security protocols, and best practices in securing industrial applications.
  • System Architecture Design: Ability to design scalable and reliable system architectures using Ignition for various industrial applications.
  • Problem-Solving and Analytical Skills: Strong analytical skills to troubleshoot issues, optimize system performance, and implement effective solutions.
  • Continuous Learning: Willingness to stay updated with the latest Ignition updates, modules, and industry trends in industrial automation.


  • Solution Development: Design, develop, and deploy robust industrial applications using the Ignition platform, tailored to meet client requirements and industry standards.
  • Custom Module Development: Create custom scripts and modules within Ignition to extend functionality, improve efficiency, and meet unique project needs.
  • User Interface Development: Utilize the Ignition Perspective module to develop user-friendly interfaces based on existing UI/UX Designs and Guidelines, ensuring they are intuitive and accessible.
  • Performance Optimisation: Monitor and optimize the performance of Ignition applications, ensuring they are reliable, efficient, and scalable.
  • Security Implementation: Implement robust security measures within Ignition applications to protect against vulnerabilities and ensure data integrity and system availability.
  • Documentation and Training: Create comprehensive documentation for developed solutions and provide training to end-users or internal teams on using and maintaining Ignition applications.
  • Collaboration and Communication: Work closely with cross-functional teams, including engineering, IT, services, and automation, to ensure cohesive project execution and alignment with business objectives.

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