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Advancing Women's Education: Waterleau's Project in Sinematiali"

10 July 2024

Building a new wastewater treatment plant for girls school in Ivory Coast

Waterleau is set to construct a wastewater treatment plant for a new Girls' Lyceum of Excellence in Sinematiali, northern Ivory Coast. The new school will provide education to 1,800 girls. This project carries significant social implications, particularly in supporting young girls' education and empowerment in an underdeveloped area. By improving sanitation and infrastructure, the project directly enhances the well-being and educational environment of the students.

Empowerment through Education

The wastewater treatment plant at the Lyceum of Excellence represents a crucial step towards empowering young women. In regions with limited educational access for girls, providing a clean and healthy learning environment is essential. The Lyceum will offer young women the opportunity for quality education, aiding their social mobility and future economic contributions.

Improved Health and Hygiene

Proper sanitation facilities are vital for health, especially in schools. The wastewater treatment plant will ensure a safe and hygienic environment, reducing health risks and absenteeism, leading to better academic performance among students.

Government Commitment to Gender Equality

The project highlights the Ivorian Government's dedication to improving women's quality of life. By investing in girls' education and well-being, the government takes significant steps towards gender equality. The establishment of 19 similar schools across the country reflects this commitment.

Long-term Economic Benefits

Educated women significantly contribute to the workforce and economy. Increasing the number of educated women leads to a more diverse and skilled labor force, essential for sustainable economic growth. This initiative aligns with the government's goal of fostering a competitive and emerging economy.

Community Development

A well-equipped educational institution like the Lyceum of Excellence can positively impact the surrounding community, leading to increased engagement, improved infrastructure, and heightened awareness of education's importance. The project can also inspire similar investments in other regions.

Catalyst for Change: Waterleau’s Role in Social Advancement

Waterleau's project in Sinematiali is more than just infrastructure development; it is a catalyst for social change. By providing essential sanitation services and supporting the education of young girls, the project contributes to regional development. It reflects a collaborative effort between Waterleau and the Ivorian Government to create a brighter, more equitable future for the country's women, fostering a more inclusive and prosperous society.

Because every girl’s dream counts. As every drop counts.

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