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High Recovery Reverse Osmosis: Fast track to increased water efficiency

5 April 2023

High Recovery Reverse Osmosis: All advantages of HRRO

High Recovery Reverse Osmosis (HRRO) is an advanced membrane-based water treatment technology offering numerous benefits. HRRO is a water treatment process that uses a semi-permeable membrane to effectively remove minerals, bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants from the water, making it safe and clean for consumption. Here are 4 main advantages of HRRO:

  1. Increased Water Recovery: HRRO technology allows for a much higher recovery rate of water from the feed stream. HRRO is flexible and can change its recovery from 70% up to 90% This means that more water can be purified and made available for use, reducing wastewater flow and increasing water efficiency.
  2. Reduced Energy Consumption: HRRO is a dynamic system that adapts its operational setpoints regarding the influent quality that comes in. This way in one HRRO cycle (6-60 min) the average operational pressure will be lower than with a static traditional RO system, which leads to reduced energy consumption [kWh/m³ permeate produced]. By using less energy, HRRO systems are more environmentally friendly and cost-effective than other water treatment methods.
  3. Flexible system: The dynamic HRRO can adapt to changing inlet flows and fluctuating inlet qualities. Independent of which water quality comes in the HRRO will produce -drinking water within specifications all the time
  4. Lower Operating Costs: HRRO systems require lower cleaning frequency, less scaling and biofouling of the membranes and therefore less maintenance and fewer replacements of consumable parts, leading to lower operating costs over the lifetime of the system. Additionally, the high-water recovery rate of HRRO means that less water is wasted, resulting in further cost savings in external water source intake.

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