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Municipal desalination

Desalination is a valuable alternative to sourcing brackish surface water in coastal regions with limited access to water bodies and groundwater, or when potable water has to be transported over large distances.

High-quality water from seawater and brackish water

When dependent on seawater or brackish water as a source for drinking or process water, salt and minerals have to be removed. Our portfolio of membrane filtration technologies is designed for efficient desalination of the water intake.

Our AQUALILTY® High Recovery Reverse Osmosis membrane technology allows for a efficient and economic production of drinking and/or process water. Waterleau counts several references in the production of drinking and process water from brackish water and making use on AQUALITY® HRRO desalination technology.

Relevant Cases


Turning salt groundwater into sustainable drinking water

Turning salt groundwater into sustainable drinking water

Producing drinking water from saline groundwater in Madinaty, Egypt

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