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Green power from bio-industry concentrates

From our experience in recovering bio-gas from wastewater with very different concentrations of organic load, we have developed a range of anaerobic reactors for the production of green energy from different types of organic waste.

  • Wastewater from food & beverage industry
  • Concentrates from the agro & food processing industry
  • Sludge from municipal wastewater
  • Mixed Bio waste

Maximum biogas yield

New anaerobic technologies for the digestion of concentrates from the agro and food processing industry are developed in the Waterleau Anaerobic Digestion Research Center, located in Ypres: a fullscale biomass to energy plant, equipped with a state-of-the-art BIOTIM® wet AD reactor, treats 120.000 tons of waste while valorizing by-products.

Know-how, coming from operating the plant and from continuous research, is a key advantage for potential clients in the food processing industry, and more particular in the potato industry, since 20% of the processed organic waste in Waterleau‘s NewEnergy plant in Ypres originates from the potato processing or starch industry.

Mesophilic and thermophilic design

BIOTIM® WET AD is available in both mesophilic and thermophilic process designs. For the digestion of vegetable waste with a limited nitrogen concentration ( 3.000 mg NH4/liter), a thermophilic process design is a compact solution. The mesophilic process design is particularly adapted to operate under high concentrations of nitrogen, allowing digestion of organic waste mixtures composed of kitchen & resto waste, pig & cow manure, slaughterhouse waste, oil & fat, etc.

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