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Petrochemical, oil & gas

Managing the water cycle in the oil and gas industry.

Treatment of large flows of high-polluted wastewater

Large volumes of wastewater are generated in the oil and gas industry. The wastewater from a petroleum industry consist a wide variety of pollutants such as petroleum hydrocarbons, mercaptans, oil and grease, phenol, ammonia, sulfide, and other organic compounds.

All these compounds are present as very complex forms in discharged water of petroleum industry, and are directly or indirectly harmful for the environment. The treatment of petroleum industry wastewater involves physical, chemical, and biological processes.

Providing up- and downstream water solutions

We provide up- and downstream solutions for the oil and gas industry. Our AQUALITY® UF membrane filtration and AQUALITY® HRRO high-recovery reverse osmosis solutions treat onshore and offshore injection water or produce a high quality, salt and Sulphate- free process water crucial in the refinery process.

We have designed numerous technologies available for the treatment of crude processing water (produced water), ranging from simple oil/water separation to more advanced removal of BOD, TSS and Sulphate reducing bacteria.

Wastewater treatment at the world's largest refinery

Our key industry reference is the design of the Jamnagar Reliance oil refinery wastewater treatment plant. The refinery is the largest oil refinery in the world with a daily refining capacity of 1,2 million barrels. This key reference reflects our competence in addressing the oil industry’s environmental challenges.

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