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Supply of best quality anaerobic seed sludge to inoculate your reactor, to start-up and get back on track after a process upset. We offer assistance in maximizing the value of your excess anaerobic biomass through both selling and purchasing endeavors.

Anaerobic granular sludge on demand

Waterleau is a recognized leader in anaerobic wastewater treatment. Our range of BIOTIM® anaerobic reactors are tailored to treat wastewater and biosolids with different organic loads and dry matter contents.

During anaerobic treatment, organic pollutants in water are converted into a blend of methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2), forming biogas. The biogas is recovered and utilized as an energy source for electricity generation and/ or heating . An additional benefit of this process is a significant reduction in sludge growth , compared to aerobic wastewater treatment.

Initiating a new anaerobic reactor necessitates a specific type of sludge feedstock. Anaerobic Sludge accelerates the reactor’s start-up by introducing concentrated granular anaerobic mesophilic sludge with high methanogenic activity. T With a network of over 400 anaerobic reactors, Waterleau can promptly supply anaerobic granular sludge . Moreover, we also assist in valorizing your excess anaerobic biomass. The methanogenic activity, the granule diameter and the sedimentation velocity of granular sludge are assessed in our Waterleau lab before shipment.

Waterleau anaerobic granular sludge availability:

  • Startup of a new plant
  • Capacity extension
  • Anaerobic Reactor System incident
  • Anaerobic Reactor Maintenance

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