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Ensure your plant operates at its peak with a carefully selected assortment of chemicals from Waterleau.

Increasing wastewater treatment performance through tailored chemicals

Waterleau offers a variety of chemicals and associated services to optimize and secure operational processes . This includes flocculants and coagulants to enhance the removal of suspended solids, anaerobic micro-nutrient blends for increased bio-gas yield, and chemicals designed to optimize membrane lifespan.

KROFTA CARE® suspended solids removal enhancement

Utilize Coagulants and flocculants for improved flock formation and the separation of suspended solids in DAF Dissolved Air Flotation units (DAF). Emulsified and powdered polymers are available to enhance sludge conditioning.

ANAEROBIX® biogas yield enhancement

Improve your biomass quality while elevating your biogas yields with our carefully selected micro-nutrients. Raw water often contains imbalances in minerals and trace elements. The Waterleau ANAEROBIX® micro-nutrient mix supplies essential minerals and trace elements for optimal anaerobic microbiological degradation, maximizing COD removal and biogas production.

MEMCARE® membrane lifespan enhancement

Maximize water recovery and minimize scaling with MEMCARE® anti-scalant The product will be selected specifically for your application and water chemistry by our experts in view of protecting the membranes and reduce their cleaning need.

Choose MEMCARE® cleaners for membrane cleaning instead of generic commodity chemicals. Specifically designed for expanding membrane lifetime, MEMCARE® acid and caustic cleaners offer superior performance.

Improving biogas yield at a multinational brewery

The organic load of the brewery wastewater is harnessed as biogas, recovering 9.600 Nm³ of biogas daily from 28.000 kg of COD. Even a slight improvement in the digestion process can significantly influence biogas yield. With a dosing of ANAEROBIX® Micronutrients at 0,25 liter per ton COD, an improvement of the digestion process was recorded:

  1. The concentration of Volatile Fatty Acids (VFA) in the reactor decreased by 88 percent.
  2. The COD removal efficiency increased from 81 to 87 percent.
  3. Biogas produced per kg of removed COD increased by 13 percent.

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