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Replace the membranes that mirror the existing ones or upgrade to the latest technology for a future-proof plant. Our team can provide support during the installation process to ensure the seamless integration of the new membranes.

Membrane inspection and replacement

Waterleau provides membrane inspections aimed at assessing the overall condition of membranes and identifying specific foulants (organic and biofouling) and scaling on the membrane surface.

A membrane inspection becomes necessary when membranes exhibit reduced performance, resulting in notable declines in permeate flow or quality. Preventive membrane inspection ensure that membrane systems operate with minimal fouling and scaling, leading to increased uptime, reduced energy consumption and lower chemical usage .

A cleaning test is conducted to assess the potential for membrane recovery. Waterleau offers a like-for-like replacement of ultra-filtration or reverse osmosis membranes and provides guidance on upgrading for the establishment of a future-proof membrane system.

For heavily fouled or scaled membranes, our membrane inspection service and root-cause analysis determine recovery-cleaning options .

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