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Spare parts

Ensure you have the correct spare parts to maximize up-time and prolong the life time of your plant via a convenient one-stop-shop.

Undisrupted uptime

Spare part and equipment selection

Selecting the appropriate spare parts and equipment is crucial for maintaining optimal operational efficiency in your water or wastewater treatment facility. Ensuring the availability of the right spares minimizes downtime and prolongs the overall lifespan of the plant. Our expertise lies in promptly delivering pumps, valves, flowmeters, sensors, and other measuring equipment to various locations worldwide.

From bolts to complete equipment replacement, The Waterleau Services team is keen to help you out.

Waterleau spare part management

We offer comprehensive preventive maintenance plans for each plant from our own insights and observations of equipment wear and tear. Depending on the service level agreement, we can handle all aspects of your spare parts management, alleviating any associated challenges.

During each maintenance visit, we meticulously monitor your spare-part inventory, ensuring the availability of everything needed for the swift repair of malfunctioning equipment.

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Our expertise is always within reach. Digital communication has cut long distances short, but we advocate the traditional way of sharing insights.

Contact us today. We are looking forward to help you reach your sustainable development goals.