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Air treatment

Solutions for reducing odor nuisance and for biogas cleansing

Biogas and odor treatment expertise

We include odor treatment and biogas cleansing in every wastewater treatment project. Our Waterleau France - Socrematic office offers air pollution treatment expertise for a multitude of other industrial applications.

odour control: eliminating causes of discomfort

Our BIOTON bio-filter uses moist organic materials to adsorb and then biologically degrade odorous compounds. Cooled and humidified air from covered wastewater treatment premises is injected through a grid of perforated pipes into a bed of filtration media.

Biological odor treatment relies on the ability of micro-organisms to degrade a wide variety of organic compounds by oxidizing or ‘eating’ them to carbon dioxide, water and salts when attached to a specific organic or inorganic substrate. As such, biological air oxidation can be considered as the air equivalent of biological water treatment.

Biogas desulphurization

Biogas Desulphurization is necessary to increase life duration of combustion engines while reducing running costs. The BIOTIM® Scrubber uses activated sludge from biological wastewater treatment as a washing medium, omitting chemicals reducing costs for both water and chemicals.

Waterleau France - Socrematic. Unparalleled air expertise

Waterleau France - Socrematic is our competence center for an extensive range of air treatment applications, preventing the finest dust particles and noxious pollutants to escape into the atmosphere.

  • Chemical pollutants abatement
  • Industrial dust removal
  • Fertilizer dust removal
  • Flue gas treatment & desulphurization
  • Odour control

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