DYNAWAVE® reverse jet scrubber

The DYNAWAVE® Reverse Jet scrubber was developed by DuPont and marketed by MECS DuPont to solve air pollution control problems requiring reliable operation with dirty, hot gases.

Reverse Jet scrubbers are able to operate extremely reliable in dirty environments with high collection efficiencies. The scrubber utilizes large diameter liquid injectors and non-restrictive, open vessel. This allows routine operation without any risk for pluggage or downtime.

Reverse jet scrubber

The heart of this system is the Reverse Jet, a gas-to-liquid contactor that creates a zone of intense mixing. The feed gas stream enters the top of a vertical duct and collides with the scrubbing liquid that is injected upward through large bore injectors. A standing wave of highly turbulent flow, called the Froth Zone, is created at the point the liquid is reversed by the gas.

The Froth Zone creates a very high rate of liquid surface renewal and efficiently quenches the gas to the adiabatic saturation temperature and absorbs dust and acids. Even under upset conditions, the scrubber is capable of quenching hot gases above 400 °C depending on the material.


  • Gas flow : up to 1 000 000 m3/h
  • Particle size distribution : > 1 µm
  • Dust concentration : < 100 g/m3


  • Handle huge dust loads (up to 100 g/m³)
  • No plugging : large, open bore liquid injectors – non-restrictive open vessels
  • Reduced bleed, by operating at high concentration up to 45 w% in the liquid
  • Multiple functions in one scrubber (gas cooling, dust abatement, gaseous pollutants absorption)
  • Broad turndown ration
  • Low maintenance
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