BIOTIM® dry AD (Anaerobic Digestion)

BIOTIM® dry AD is an integrated solution for the anaerobic digestion of the organic fraction of municipal solid waste (OFMSW). Its heterogeneous and seasonal composition, as well as its low content of dry matter, requires an adapted treatment.

The design is particularly adapted to retrofit existing aerobic composting plants consuming high amounts of energy to mineralize the organic matter and releasing CO2 into the atmosphere.

Organic fraction of municipal solid waste

The BIOTIM® dry AD design starts with a pretreatment (shredding and sieving) to remove plastics, pieces of wood and metal. Due to the significant presence of garden waste (wood, soil, sand), the organic content is limited and the biomass quite dry compared to f.i. kitchen and restaurant waste.

In a first hydrolysis reactor, the substrate is turned into a homogenous mass before being pumped to a thermophilic digester for biogas production. The biogas undergoes a desulphurization step before being converted into heat and power, used to heat the digester and operate the plant.

Organic fertilizer

The digestate can be either turned into a high standard fertilizer after drying in Waterleau’s HYDROGONE® dryer, or mixed with structure material and composted into a commercial product.

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