HYDROGONE® horizontal disc dryer

The HYDROGONE® sludge drying technology is an efficient, safe and economical solution for integrating thermal sludge drying in large wastewater treatment plants. The dried sludge can be pelletized or used as fuel in an incinerator for green energy production.

Horizontal disc dryer

The HYDROGONE® consists of a heated turning rotor in a stator. The rotor consists of a series of heated discs, placed on a central shaft. The stator is a cylindrical vessel that can be equipped with a heated jacket. The discs (and stator) are heated with steam, hot water or thermal oil. The combined action of the turning discs, the swords between the disks and the agitator blades on the perimeter of the discs ensures optimal heat transfer while slowly moving the product through the equipment.

The dry product is continuously discharged through a frequency controlled discharge screw placed at the bottom at the opposite end of the dryer. Dry product can be partially recycled to the inlet in order to prevent the formation of glue in the dryer.


  • Drying of municipal sludge (primary, secondary, digested,...)
  • Industrial sludge
  • Paper mill sludge
  • Manure, chicken litter...
  • Organic waste


  • Safe drying process: indirect dryer. No fire and explosion risk.
  • Compact size, limited building height
  • Wide range of capacities (from 100 to 6,500 kg/h water evaporation)
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Robust and proven design
  • Minimal energy consumption
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