Krofta DAF

Krofta offers a broad range of time-tested DAF solutions to accommodate virtually any site or treatment requirements. Whether you require a circular or rectangular design, or an integrated system that combines flocculation, flotation and filtration in a single unit, Krofta can provide a DAF system that combines highly efficient separation with a smaller footprint to help ensure optimum plant performance and overall cost savings. From helping eliminate bottlenecks to replacing cost-prohibitive disposal practices, Krofta DAF clarifiers help you meet regulatory compliance and maintain production.

Advanced technological features

  • Up to 12,000 GPM flow in a single unit
  • Automated data logging and trending
  • Innovative PLC technology and auto chemical flow pacing
  • Krofta Air Dissolving Tube (ADT)

Liquid-solid separation solutions

Each Krofta DAF system features a unique Air Dissolving Tube (ADT), a key component that utilizes integral mixing of compressed air to more quickly dissolve air into the water. The result is a process that creates highly efficient separation and an effluent with low concentration of suspended solids.

Krofta DAF systems

Krofta ADT

Faster air dissolution, lower retention time and reduced maintenance

Krofta Supracell

High output, low retention time and compact, circular footprint

Krofta Multifloat

Modular, rectangular configuration with a vertical or horizontal design

Krofta Sandfloat

Flocculation, dissolved air flotation and multi-media filtration in one solution

Krofta Spray Filter

Fractionating filter, used in combination with DAF for fiber recovery


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