Moving Bed Biological Reactor (MBBR)

The Waterleau moving bed biological reactor (MBBR) is an attached film aerobic process which is particularly adept where higher loads need to be applied and space is at a premium. The technology can also be applied where additional capacity is required but space limitations prevent additional expansion.

Loadings of 1.7 – 5 Kg/m³.d BOD can be applied to an MBBR allowing it to be very compact compared to a conventional activated sludge process. It can be applied to a range of conditions ranging from roughing (reducing the BOD loading as much as possible without achieving direct discharge characteristics), to secondary effluent quality including nitrification and denitrification.

The process is self-regulating and requires minimum process knowledge and intervention. Because it is a biofilm process it is resistant to shock loadings and has high biomass retention. The effluent therefore has fewer solids and a compact clarifier can be utilized to keep the process footprint small. Waterleau usually combines the MBBR technology with a Krofta Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF) unit on greenfield projects.


  • Small footprint
  • System can be upgraded with added media
  • High loading rate
  • Roughing aerobic applications for sewer discharge to municipal WWTP or similar
  • Requires minimum process knowledge/control
  • Robust


  • Food and beverage
  • Municipal
  • Retrofits for additional capacity
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