In order to respond to urgent water needs, we have developed pre-mounted emergency drinking water units, allowing quick mobilisation. These compact and mobile units can produce safe drinking water from any source, any place.

Emergency drinking water units

The WATER-ON-THE-ROCKS® emergency units are available in different sizes ranging from 500 m³/d in a single container to 20.000 m³/d in a completely containerized drinking water plant built from multiple containers. The WATER-ON-THE-ROCKS® solutions enable providing safe drinking water to 400.000 people (at 50 l/person) in just a couple of days.

Safe drinking water can be distributed in biodegradable patches, bags or bottles.


  • Originating from any source
  • Enhanced with minerals, nutrients, vitamins
  • On-the-spot production
  • In an environmental friendly packaging
  • Customized capacities
  • Only last mile transport
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