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Compact drinking water plant in Khemmiset


Drinking water plant


Khemisset, Morocco


Drinking water production: 20.000 m³/day

Extending the existing drinking water facility

The population of Khemisset has been growing rapidly from approx. 250.000 (2004) to 400.000 today. In order to meet drinking water demand, the existing drinking water plant had to be upgraded with an additional capacity of 20.000 m³/day. To ensure a sustainable capacity increase, a sludge treatment of both adjacent facilities has been implemented in the plant.

Compact drinking water plant

Waterleau’s AQUALITY® compact drinking water plant has been retained by ONEE (Office Nationale d'Electricité et d'Eau potable) as best technical and commercial solution.

Compared to the plot size of the initial infrastructure still in operation today, the extension has a much smaller footprint for the same capacity. The drinking water production process includes the following treatment steps:

  • cascade aeration
  • pre-chlorination
  • coagulation
  • flocculation
  • decantation
  • sand filtration
  • disinfection

Due to its compact nature, the AQUALITY® drinking water plant could be constructed with minimal footprint.

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