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Waterleau and Oxyle Unite Against PFAS Contamination

13 May 2024

München, May 15, 2024 - Oxyle and Waterleau are pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) today, May 15, marking a pivotal moment in the global effort to combat micropollutants in water resources.

Uniting forces for the complete elimination of PFAS

The MoU signifies a strategic collaboration between Oxyle, a pioneering water treatment startup, and Waterleau, a world-leading water technology company. Both companies address the escalating concerns surrounding micropollutants, including pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and particularly per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), in water bodies.

With tightening regulations and growing public pressure, the market for PFAS treatment has seen significant growth, especially in Europe and the US. Waterleau, with its extensive global presence and expertise in water and wastewater treatment, recognizes the urgent need for innovative solutions to tackle these persistent contaminants.

Waterleau adopts a holistic approach to PFAS treatment, recognizing that each PFAS issue is unique and requires a tailored solution. Unlike single solution providers, we prioritize customization to address specific challenges. Oxyle's expertise has enriched the Waterleau PFAS treatment portfolio, now offering comprehensive on-site destruction solutions.

Oxyle brings to the table groundbreaking technology focused on the destruction and mineralization of micropollutants, including a nanoporous catalyst capable of eliminating a broad spectrum of PFAS. Their collaborative approach emphasizes scaling technology and operations, with a keen focus on partnering with industry leaders for rapid market entry.

By uniting Oxyle’s innovative technologies with Waterleau’s extensive global presence and expertise in water and wastewater treatment we’re taking a giant leap towards our shared vision of achieving PFAS-free waters.

CEO and Co-founder of Oxyle Dr. Fajer Mushtaq

Unlocking the potential of PFAS destruction solutions

By integrating Oxyle's technology into Waterleau's PFAS treatment portfolio, both parties aim to strengthen their market positions and provide efficient solutions to global customers.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Oxyle and Waterleau outlines a collaborative endeavor focused on commercializing Oxyle's cutting-edge technology for PFAS removal. It emphasizes Waterleau's commitment to prioritize the adoption of Oxyle's technology in both ongoing and upcoming projects.

Jeroen De Lathouwer, VP Business Development Waterleau: “In our mission to fight PFAS, Oxyle plays a vital role. Their ground-breaking technology not only efficiently eradicates stubborn short-chain PFAS from wastewater but does so with remarkably low energy consumption, setting a new standard in the field. We're excited about the possibilities ahead as we continue our journey to combat these harmful chemicals.”

Get more insights on our PFAS solutions

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