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Waterleau providing drinking water in Senegal

25 May 2023

Making our WATERMARK! in Senegal!

End of May, Waterleau joined the Belgian economic mission to Dakar, Senegal. Waterleau had been invited to present the new Salimento drinking water project, aimed at providing safe drinking water and fighting waterborne diseases in a rapidly growing population.

The joint Waterleau / Wasser Aram partnership is being endorsed by the PEM-WECCO program, a European funded and Belgium government supported circular mobility scheme, implemented by Flanders trade agency FIT, Belgium’s development board Enabel, the Wallonia trade agency AWECS as well as, the Brussels region trade agency. The purpose of the PEM-WECCO program is to foster contacts between Senegalese entrepreneurs and their Belgian peers. ​​​​​​​

The Waterleau - Wasser Aram project encompasses the construction of a new drinking water plant near the Senegalese city of Thiès. Multi-entrepreneur and Wasser Aram founder Niam Matar is committed to develop the drinking water market in a fast-growing economy. Endorsed by Enabel, the Belgian development agency, Waterleau and Wasser Aram established a partnership for the construction of a first potable water production plant. In the Joint-Venture, Waterleau will provide the water treatment technology, while Wasser Arame will be responsible for plant construction, as well as the for the Salimento brand sales and marketing.

The new 100m³/day production plant will be located near the city of Thiès, offering safe bottled water to the Senegalese population. This project confirms Waterleau's and Wasser Arame's commitment to improve sanitary conditions in Senegal. In addition to the equity to be provided by Wasser Arame and Waterleau, the project will call on banks and crowd-funding to raise the necessary capital.

When operating, water will be sold in 100% biodegradable PEF bottles for meeting both companies sustainability goals.

Economic Mission to Senegal in the news

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