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Waterleau Reduces PFAS Concentration in Drinking Water for water agency De Watergroep

30 April 2024

Waterleau provided a containerized solution to help Flanders' drinking water provider De Watergroep reducing PFAS concentrations in the drinking water supplied to the residents of Sint-Rochus, Essenbeek, and Buizingen near Halle, south of Brussels.

Waterleau is reducing PFAS concentrations in the drinking water

Thanks to the Waterleau solution, the PFAS20 concentration – the sum of the 20 most critical PFAS chemicals – has been reduced from 80 nanograms per liter (ng/l) to less than 50 ng/l. This result is well below the future European drinking water standard of 100 ng/l, which will come into effect in Flanders from January 12, 2026.

The technology implemented by Waterleau is based on ion exchange and uses a specific resin designed for the removal of PFAS. The entire installation is housed in a 40-foot container that has been connected to the distribution network since the end of April.

"In the water supplied by De Watergroep in Sint-Rochus, Essenbeek, and Buizingen, we measure values between 70 and 80 nanograms per liter for the sum of 20 PFAS substances. This is well below the future standard. As a precaution, De Watergroep aims for PFAS concentrations below 50 nanograms per liter in the long term. After the additional water treatment, we expect to be well below that level." According to Kathleen De Schepper of De Watergroep.

Waterleau recognizes the importance of effective and cost-efficient treatment of PFAS contamination as one of the major challenges for the water sector over the next decade. Two years ago, Waterleau began an intensive R&D program testing various technologies. Today, Waterleau offers a wide range of solutions, including adsorption techniques (with activated carbon and resins), separation techniques (such as membrane filtration), fractionation techniques (including foam fractionation and flotation), evaporation techniques, and even destruction techniques.

Waterleau developed a mobile PFAS Test Bench to guide industrial companies towards the right solution for their specific PFAS problem. The PFAS Test Bench is equipped with nine different technologies and allows for testing up to 24 different technology combinations simultaneously and under real conditions.

Thanks to the Waterleau PFAS Test Bench, companies can determine the best solution and estimate the real operational costs in a relatively short period.

Get more insights on our PFAS solutions

Needing help to assess the best PFAS treatment technology? Want to see for yourself? Get access to a a complete range of PFAS treatment technologies. Rent our mobile Waterleau PFAS-Test Bench. In just a couple of weeks, find out what technology fits best for your specific application.

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