Effluent treatment Heineken - Sedibeng Brewery

In 2009, Heineken and Diageo, with design build partner Waterleau, completed construction of Sedibeng Brewery, South Africa.  The new 3 million hectoliter (25,600 barrel) brewery serves Heineken and Diageo’s premium beer brands (Heineken, Amstel, and Windhoek) and Diageo’s popular ready to drink brands (Smirnoff Spin and Smirnoff Storm) for the South African Market. Waterleau has a long track record in brewery wastewater treatment and has built more than 40 treatment plants for Heineken. Waterleau’s proprietary brewery treatment technologies are used throughout the plant. The main treatment train plant consists of two LUCAS® anaerobic UASB reactors followed by a LUCAS® cyclic activated sludge system.  

Biogas from the anaerobic reactors is recovered and sent to the brewery boilers to offset consumption of natural gas and diesel fuel. Waterleau’s BELGAS® biological desulfurization unit scrubs the biogas before piping to the boilers. Reactors are covered to reduce nuisance odors on the site. Off gases are captured and treated in Waterleau’s BELAIR® biological air treatment unit.

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