As we continue our mission to protect the blue planet, it’s protecting our people that is our number one priority right now.

On a daily basis the management team re-evaluates the situation. We have taken and will take all measures deemed necessary to mitigate risks related to #COVID-19.

Following measures have been taken:

  • We brought back all our employees to their home country with the exception of a few people who decided to stay on duty. The situation in the respective countries will be monitored on a daily base and repatriation will be done whenever required;
  • All employees that could work from home, have been asked to do so;
  • Microsoft Teams has been rolled out in a minimum of time and adopted by all departments in a couple of days;
  • Our offices have been equipped with disinfection products and we have requested the remaining employees to respect social distancing;
  • Our service department changed physical visits into distance support;
  • Our team is working full force on our Smartlab digital dashboard, which will allow our clients to stay operational at all times through remote controlling.

We also wish to express our deepest gratitude towards the people that are helping us overcome this #coronacrisis: doctors, first responders, paramedics, distributors, volunteers, shop assistants, ... Without their efforts, we would stand nowhere. We applaud our heroes!

Stay safe. Stay home.

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