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Brewery wastewater and circular water use

Comply with discharge regulation and make more beer with less water.

Wastewater in the brewery industry

Not only is water the main ingredient for drink production and brewing, rinsing and cleaning also demand large amounts of water. But water is becoming a valuable resource. For these reasons, cutting back the water intake has always been key in the beverages and brewery industry. Moreover: treating wastewater is essential for the sustainability of the brewing industry. Good news: we help you to reduce your brewery and beverage wastewater and water footprint.

Treating wastewater and sustainable brewing

We are committed to protect every drop of water, our most precious natural resource. Moreover, we help you reduce the cost of procuring water and comply with regulation soaring.

We help global breweries and soft-drink brands to comply with wastewater discharge regulations, recover biogas from wastewater and recover process water from bio-effluent. We also assist optimizing treatment processes, provide operation services or find smart solutions for financing new treatment needs. With Waterleau expertise within reach, beverage producers and breweries can significantly improve production KPI.

We help global breweries to comply with wastewater discharge regulations, recover biogas from wastewater and even process water from bio-effluent.

The process of brewery wastewater treatment

To treat brewery wastewater effectively there are various treatment processes and systems available. These systems typically involve a combination of physical, chemical and biological processes to remove impurities and contaminants from the wastewater. Some examples of brewery wastewater treatment systems include anaerobic digestion, aerobic treatment and membrane filtration. Anaerobic digestion is the biological degradation of organic matters in the absence of oxygen and converts the chemical energy in organic carbon to biogas.

Energy recovery from brewery effluent

anaerobic wastewater treatment unlocks the organic load in the bio-effluent. The recovered biogas can be used for the production of thermal energy, needed for heating the brewery. Per hl bio-effluent, 1 kWh can be recovered, cutting down up to 15% of the overall electricity needs. Waterleau is a global world leader in energy recovery through anaerobic digestion of wastewater.

Containerized water treatment

Thanks to the WaterleauBox® you can easily adapt your existing wastewater treatment infrastructure to output expansion without freezing financial assets and hindering value creation. A full range of rented-out and containerized modules integrate seamlessly into any existing wastewater treatment facility.

Rent the anaerobic technology to unfold the bio-effluent energy potential, integrate MBR technology to improve effluent quality or add a process water production unit to increase water efficiency. Either way, the WaterleauBox® technology range is adaptable to any process flow or infrastructure.

SmartLab, the digital water

With our SmartLab digital platform, we help breweries embrace the digital transformation. With data analysis of IoT-enabled infrastructure, our Waterleau exports optimize your treatment facility, improving the water, energy and carbon footprint of your production entity.

ASSISTING breweries all over the world IN THE TREATMENT OF brewery wastewater

Sustainable beer production in South-Africa

Sustainable beer production in South-Africa

Turning a wastewater treatment plant into a water resource factory.

A capex-free upgrade for Martens Brewery

A capex-free upgrade for Martens Brewery

A new treatment strategy materialized in an out-of-the-box approach and a long-term partnership.

Sustainable Brewing in Colombia: How Waterleau's BIOTIM® UASB Transforms Central Cervecera

CCC, Central Cervecera de Colombia
Sustainable Brewing in Colombia: How Waterleau's BIOTIM® UASB Transforms Central Cervecera

The CCC Brewery treats different wastewater & waste streams before safe discharge to the open water bodies.


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