Waterleau awarded the extension and operation of the Marrakech WWTP


RADEEMA, the Marrakech Water Agency, awarded the 25 million EUR extension of the Marrakech Wastewater treatment plant to Waterleau. The contract also includes the Operation and Maintenance of the extended plant for 10 years. 

Until 2008, the Marrakech Sewerage was discharged in the river Tensift after just after pretreatment.  To cut down pollution, RADEEMA awarded the design and construction of the second stage of the Marrrakech WWTP to Waterleau, which completed the plant in 2012. The second stage included secondary and tertiary treatment as well as sludge treatment. Waterleau has been operating the WWTP since, providing 187,000m³ of treated wastewater for safe discharge into the Tensift river or for irrigation of the touristic resorts after tertiary treatment.

The third stage of the Marrakech sewerage treatment (EUR 25 million EUR) will include additional primary and secondary treatment, bringing the plants total capacity to 237.000 m³/day or 2.050.000 population equivalent. Sludge digestion will produce a total of 22.500 Nm³/d of biogas used for heating the sludge digesters as well as for electric power generation providing up to 50% of the plant’s power needs. The sludge digestion has also a key-impact on the reduction of greenhouse gases.

The new contract includes the extended plant’s operation and maintenance as from its completion, expected for 2019, for a 10-year period ending in 2029.

Earlier this year, Waterleau was awarded the construction and operation of the Marrakech solar sludge drying plant, each year increasing the dry matter of 75,000 tons of excess sludge from 22% up to 80% making use of Thermo-Systems solar drying technology. The new sludge drying plant will be operational fo the end of the year 2017, and is to become the world’s largest solar sludge drying facility. It will dewater digested sludge from the existing and extended plant. The solar sludge drying plant will also be operated by Waterleau for 5 years.

In the last few years, Waterleau has been expanding its business in Morocco. Municipal wastewater treatment plants have been built in Fez, Marrakech, Dakhla and Bouskoura. The Kenitra WWTP is due to be operational in 2018. The Khemisset drinking water plant is also a key Waterleau reference. Waterleau Maroc’s portfolio of EPC and O&M references positions the company as a leading provider of environmental solutions in the Moroccan market. In July 2016, Waterleau Maroc inaugurated its new offices in Casablanca, becoming Waterleau’s competence center in water and wastewater treatment for the Maghreb and beyond. A gateway to the African continent, Waterleau Maroc's technology transfer will help governments and urban developers to find sustainable solutions for the environmental challenges of the continent.

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