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How does the Tech-Pack Waterleau approach benefit your municipal wastewater treatment projects?

27 September 2023

Waterleau LUCAS ® cyclic activated sludge Tech Pack. A fast track to sustainable wastewater treatment.

The LUCAS® tech pack, is a compact and high-efficiency cyclic activated sludge treatment package, offering considerable advantages to project developers and providers of municipal wastewater treatment solutions. By opting for our tech pack solution, customers can offer a high-efficiency and low-opex proven technology in a total-piece-of-mind formula.

  1. Tailored Customer-Specific Package: The LUCAS® Tech Pack includes the full and customized design, the engineering, the supply of the equipment, as well as all start-up services. The customized approach ensures that the technology aligns perfectly with our client's unique requirements and specifications.
  2. All-Inclusive Package: Our Tech Pack goes beyond providing a mere license and guidelines; we offer the entire package, including services, follow-up, and equipment guarantees. This way, our customers can rely on us for complete support throughout the project.
  3. Modular Plug-and-Play Equipment: Our Tech Pack comprises modular plug-and-play equipment, significantly reducing mounting hours on-site. This convenience makes it highly suitable for easy installation and seamless integration into the client's wastewater treatment plant.
  4. Seamless Automation Integration: With the supply of a our SmartLab® digital automation platform, our clients have full access to the LUCAS ®automation box for perfect integration into the existing plant automation system. This perfect integration contributes considerably to a smoother and more efficient overall operation.
  5. Compact and Energy-Efficient Technology: Our Tech Pack provides a compact and energy-efficient technology solution, reducing operational costs and environmental impact for our customers.
  6. Focus on Core Expertise: By entrusting the LUCAS® biological treatment step to Waterleau, customers can concentrate on their expertise in the WTTP construction process. As specialists in advanced biological wastewater treatment, we take care of all the technical aspects of the LUCAS® technology, ensuring a reliable and efficient aerobic treatment process.

Waterleau: Your Partner in Wastewater Treatment

At Waterleau, our tech pack approach is an example of our commitment to delivering high-quality and customer-centric solutions, empowering our clients to focus on their wastewater treatment development activities. By choosing our LUCAS® tech pack, customers get access to cutting-edge technology and hassle-free solutions in partnership with a team committed to supporting them in their journey to sustainable aerobic wastewater treatment.

Transforming Wastewater Treatment with LUCAS® TS Tech Pack

Are you a municipal leader or professional involved in wastewater treatment? We understand that every municipality has unique needs and challenges. Our team of experts is ready to guide you through the possibilities of incorporating LUCAS® TS Tech Pack into your biological wastewater treatment system.

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