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Municipal water recovery

In many countries, new laws define minimum requirements for reclaimed water to be used for agricultural purposes in a safe way, protecting people and the environment. The aim is to limit use of water bodies and groundwater. Treated wastewater is an effective alternative for water supply. Reusing water after appropriate treatment extends its life cycle, helping addressing water scarcity.

Safe water from wastewater

Wastewater treatment plants can be seen as source to produce safe reclaimed water, to serve irrigation purposes or to refill groundwater reservoirs.

At Waterleau, we combine membrane as well as non-membrane technologies to close the water cycle and limit the water footprint. Municipal but also industrial wastewater is treated and prepared for irrigation, reused as sanitary water or recycled into the production processes.

Tertiary treatment or effluent polishing

Even without implementing membrane technology, tertiary conventional polishing allows the treated wastewater to be ready for restoring groundwater level, for reuse in agriculture, or for further treatment into safe drinking water.

To cope increased water stress in Morocco, the government has adopted water saving solutions. Treated wastewater is recovered and reused for irrigation in the municipal wastewater treatment plants of Marrakech, Fez, Bouskoura, Dakhla and Kenitra, built by Waterleau.

Membrane Technologies

Waterleau designed and build municipal wastewater treatment plants in Madinaty and El Mostakbal (Egypt) using advanced AQUALITY® High Recovery Reverse Osmosis membrane technology to recover the most out of treated wastewater.

Relevant cases


Turning salt groundwater into sustainable drinking water

Turning salt groundwater into sustainable drinking water

Producing drinking water from saline groundwater in Madinaty, Egypt

Marrakech municipal wastewater treatment

Marrakech municipal wastewater treatment

The first treatment facility in the region integrating biogas production, water reuse and solar sludge drying.

Bouskoura: sustainable urban development

Bouskoura: sustainable urban development

Integrating a compact wastewater treatment into a new green city

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