Fertilizer dust removal

Our tailor made solution for the fertilizer industry is designed to treat Urea dust and escaping ammonia in the exhaust of fluidized bed urea granulation plants.

Urea dust and ammonia abatement in one

Urea , Calcium ammonium nitrate , ammonium nitrate and Ammonia emissions from the Prill tower or fluidized bed granulation system can be kept below international limits by acidified washing solution scrubber systems effectively.

The air cleaning process involves 2 stages or unit operations:

  • Humidification of the dust laden air stream with water mist to full saturation with fine mist and even fine dust particles.
  • Neutralization of ammonia carried by the exit air stream, with sulphuric / nitric acid added to the washing liquid, whereby ammonia sulphate or nitrate solution is formed (WATMONIA® scrubber)


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