Waterleau has developed technologies for the treatment of sludge, the unstable end-product of wastewater treatment, as well as thermal treatment solutions for all kinds of industrial and municipal solid, liquid and gaseous waste streams.

Sludge digestion

Sludge, the by-product of biological wastewater treatment is also considered as biomass. Energy recovery from sludge is possible through sludge incineration (biomass-to-energy) or by means of sludge digestion. 

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Sludge drying

Removal of water from sludge improves efficiency of subsequent treatment processes, reduces storage volume, and decreases transportation costs. If circumstances justify removal of water beyond that achievable by mechanical dewatering processes, drying is needed. Thermal drying with direct or indirect dryers is used to achieve near-complete removal of water from sludge.

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Sludge stabilization

Since sludge may contain heavy metal ions and pathogens and because its odour can cause discomfort, stabilization of sludge may be necessary.

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Sludge incineration

Sludge incineration is the thermal destruction of sludge by oxidation at high temperature (also known as combustion). Compared to sludge drying, incineration has the distinct advantage of effectively eliminating the sludge. Only a small inert rest product remains.

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Integrated sludge treatment

The combination of sludge drying and sludge incineration is a proven set-up for treatment of excess sludge. Sludge drying increases the heating value of sludge above the threshold of autothermal combustion, which allows energy recuperation to cover the energy consumption of the dryer.

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Medical & hazardous waste incineration

High risk medical waste and hazardous industrial waste contains high concentrations of chemically and biologically toxic substances. Higher temperatures are required for the destruction of toxic substances, while high concentrations of Sulfur and Chloride need a sophisticated flue gas cleaning. 

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