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Sustainable potato production with innovative wastewater treatment at Clarebout

BIOTIM UASB under construction
BIOTIM UASB under construction

Waterleau's Partnership with Clarebout

Waterleau is delighted to announce its integral role in establishing a new, cutting-edge wastewater treatment plant at Clarebout's latest potato processing facility in Dunkirk, France. As a leading name in the potato industry, Clarebout, renowned for its high-quality frozen potato products, has enlisted Waterleau's expertise to construct this sophisticated environmental technology project, emphasizing a mutual dedication to sustainability and innovation. Operational since November 2023, the plant was completed in a remarkably short timeframe.

UASB at Clarebout Dunkirk
UASB at Clarebout Dunkirk

Clarebout's Market Expansion and Sourcing

Since its inception in 1988, Clarebout has evolved into a major player on the global stage, exporting premium frozen potato products to over 120 countries. With potato sourcing from Germany, Belgium, and Northern France, the company is expanding to satisfy the growing global demand for French fries.

Innovative Wastewater Treatment Technologies

The Dunkirk facility is a testament to Clarebout's commitment to bolstering production capacity while upholding environmental responsibility. The design for the wastewater treatment facility features robust, proven technologies capable of supporting future expansions. The comprehensive treatment process manages general debris, fats, oils, and grey starch through successive anaerobic and aerobic treatments.

A sustainable collaboration

"We are thrilled to mark the expansion of our operations with the addition of this state-of-the-art potato processing plant in Dunkirk. This facility not only represents our commitment to meeting the global demand for French fries but also reflects our dedication to environmental stewardship and sustainability," said Ortwin Callewaert, COO at Clarebout. "Our collaboration with Waterleau in designing a top-tier wastewater treatment plant is a testament to our pursuit of excellence and innovation in every aspect of our production."

Ortwin Callewaert - COO at Clarebout

"At Waterleau, we are proud to contribute our expertise in environmental technologies to the remarkable expansion of Clarebout's potato processing capabilities in Dunkirk," stated Klaas Malisse, Director at Waterleau. "This project showcases our ability to deliver sustainable solutions that not only address our clients' operational needs but also contribute positively to the environment. The installation of the biggest BIOTIM® anaerobic reactor, a pinnacle of engineering achievement, exemplifies our commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility. Because every drop counts!”

Klaas Malisse - Growth leader potato processing industry at Waterleau

BIOTIM UASB at Clarebout Dunkirk
BIOTIM UASB at Clarebout Dunkirk

Enhancing Sustainability Through Advanced Treatment

A key feature of our project is the installation of an Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket (UASB) reactor, which efficiently treats wastewater and converts it into biogas, thereby significantly reducing Clarebout's CO2 emissions. This reactor is the largest UASB reactor constructed by Waterleau to date.

Integration of IoT in Wastewater Management

Further enhancing the facility's capabilities, Waterleau has integrated state-of-the-art Internet of Things (IoT) technology. Utilizing our SmartLab software suite, the system harnesses real-time data for process optimization, combining local control with advanced cloud-based technologies to ensure peak operational efficiency—demonstrating Waterleau's leadership in delivering smart environmental solutions.

Setting New Industry Standards

Waterleau is proud to support Clarebout’s expansion with a project that not only adheres to the highest standards of efficiency and sustainability but also establishes a new industry benchmark in wastewater treatment for the agro-industry. This initiative highlights our commitment to providing innovative environmental solutions that aid our clients' growth and contribute to the preservation of our planet for future generations.

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