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Unlocking the Future of Wastewater Treatment: Introducing Waterleau's LUCAS® TS Technology

26 August 2023

The Challenge Municipalities Face

Municipalities worldwide are under mounting pressure to deliver effective wastewater treatment solutions that offer high efficiency, reduced carbon footprint, and cost-effectiveness. With the escalating need for better nutrient and pollution removal, finding a balance between performance and cost has become more challenging than ever.

The Advantages of LUCAS®:

  • High Yield: LUCAS® TS operates with only 72% of the biological volume compared to conventional systems.
  • Smaller Footprint: Requires only 53% of the land compared to traditional solutions.
  • Reduced CapEx: Lower civil costs significantly offset the difference in higher electro-mechanical expenses.
  • Reduced OpEx: Operates on just 53% of the energy needs of conventional systems.

Why choose Waterleau for your municipal project?

Waterleau's holistic approach to water solutions aligns perfectly with the innovative LUCAS® TS technology. We offer smart water solutions, tailored to your needs, and LUCAS® TS is a prime example of this commitment.

By embracing technologies that are not only efficient but also eco-friendly and cost-effective, Waterleau actively participates in protecting our most precious natural resource: water. Because every drop counts.

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