Municipal wastewater treatment

We are pioneers in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment. Our urban or municipal wastewater treatment plants are amongst the largest on the African continent.

We design the most appropriate biological wastewater treatment systems producing clean water that can be discharged safely into the environment or reused for irrigation after a tertiary disinfection treatment step.

Treating urban wastewater treatment

Whether it be as a general contractor or as a technology provider, our proprietary urban wastewater technology is capable of treating every quality of wastewater. Our range of services includes long-term operation and maintenance, when local know-how is not available.

Steps of muncipal wastewater treatment

  1. Pre-treatment
  2. Primary treatment
  3. Secondary or biological treatment
  4. Tertiary treatment
  5. Sludge treatment (digestion, drying, incineration)
  6. Biogas cleaning
  7. Odour treatment


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