Effluent treatment beverage

When the City of Ontario tightened the discharge limits for this major soft drink manufacturer, they selected Waterleau’s pulsed up flow sand media anaerobic reactor for their wastewater treatment facility. Waterleau designed a system to treat all wastewater plus residual syrup, and operate at low alkalinity to meet City requirements. This system is designed to treat average flows of 75,000 gpd (285 m3/d), and a peak of 150,000 gpd (570 m3/d). The system was also designed for future expansion of the production facility and for the implementation of a complete water reuse solution in the future.

The system has been in operation since November 2003 and the Ontario City Council has recognized the client with a “Gold Award” for two consecutive years (2004-2005). This award is given to facilities that demonstrate continuous compliance with industrial wastewater permit requirements. The client also won the 2004 Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant of the Year award for Southern California, and was awarded the EPA’s Performance Track for 2004.

For similar applications, Waterleau now offers an updated reactor configuration from the BIOTIM® family of anaerobic systems.

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